About us

We exist to serve
in a fast-changing world.

The pandemic taught us one thing: businesses need to utilise technology to be resilient. Thus started a wave of digital transformation initiatives since 2020. With 100s of options and approaches, we decided to step in, and path a clearer way forward in this space. In early 2022, EAS-AI was founded by a group of individuals: bringing together leaders in software development, data science, AI and user experience.

The mission was simple: To provide state-of-the-art AI & technology 4.0 solutions to enhance processes and efficiency, for every business.

Every business, small or big, deserves a front-seat at the next frontier of digitalisation.

- Sin Hwa, CEO of EAS-AI

Leadership & team

Sin Hwa

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technical Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Products & Design Officer


Operations Manager


Senior Data Scientist


HR & Admin Manager


Project Manager