Low-code development

We develop software and apps using #1 low-code platform.

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Why low-code?

We’re attacking one of the biggest problems facing businesses today: the lack of speed and agility of traditional software development.

-Paul Rosado, CEO of Outsystems

Benefits in a nutshell

Turn designs into apps 4x faster than high-code, lowering costs significantly.

Maintain an enterprise-grade environment to manage all your apps.

Integrate APIs from existing apps and legacy softwares to ensure seamless flow of information and functions.

Optimise complex workflows and business logics with AI & machine learning.

Deploy 4 digital platforms in one-go for every app: web, mobile-web, IOS app and Android app.

Industry solutions

Here are some app solutions that would rapidly transform your organisation within your industry, as we build with an Outsystems, low-code platform.


E-commerce & M-commerce


Order management

Inventory management

Loyalty management

Financial services

Digital banking

Claims management

Digital wallets

eKYC solutions

Loan management


Hospital management

Hospital CRM

Patients tracking

Supplies management

E-medical records



Student management

Schools management

Blockchain certs

e-learning system


Warehouse management

Fleet management

Intelligent sourcing

Field workforce management

Process visibility


E-ordering & reservations

3PL delivery

Kiosk interface


Kitchen ticketing

Table e-ordering

Supply-chain optimisation


Online booking & reservations

Hotel management

Loyalty program management

Omni-channel bookings integration

Real estate

Properties management

Agents management

Building management

Projects management

Properties listing portal

Case study

Developed an e-ordering platform for hospitals and clinics.

As part of a digital transformation roadmap, a logistics company engaged us to re-design and re-develop their e-ordering platform for hospitals and clinics in Singapore. Our objectives was to design the UI in such a way that would increase the efficiency of users and the admin in their work.

What we did

Developed an enterprise e-ordering portal for hospitals and clinics to order medical supplies.

Developed an enterprise backend app for for the logistics staff to manage orders and product catalogue for buyers.

Tested with 10 users in the design stage to achieve a baseline customer efficiency score of above 92%.

Integrated with warehouse management system and SAP for user data.

User story #1

As a buyer, I am able to login into the portal.

User story #2

As a buyer, I am able to view supplies catalogue for my clinic/hospital.

User story #3

As a buyer, I am able to make purchases.

User story #4

As a clinic/hospital manager, I am able to make quantity approvals of the purchases made.

User story #5

As a buyer, I am able to see a list of all my orders and their statuses.

User story #6

As an admin, I am able to login to the admin backend.

User story #7

As an admin, I am able to upload product supplies.

User story #8

As an admin, I am able to rapidly cross-assign users, products and groups.

Key Highlights


digitalisation 4.0 app in roadmap


operational efficiency


months time to market


devices deployed concurrently


external integrations


data records