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We research on existing AI models and develop AI products & integrations uniquely for businesses and organisations.

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Our Focused Value

AI is a game-changer. Every organisation possesses unique data, security concerns, and proprietary information that require specialised AI solutions. Thus, we believe in building AI capabilities in-house, trained uniquely for you. We are the AI partners who can drive that transformation from within.

Organisations We've Worked With

Rolls Royce
ST Engineering
Rolls Royce
ST Engineering

What we do

We focus on enterprises and organisations, to leverage AI by developing in-house AI solutions that address critical challenges for various industries.

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Developing existing AI technologies for enterprise use

We advance existing AI technologies, preparing them for development and enterprise use. Our team conducts research to establish and refine systems for various AI applications. Additionally, we design the necessary system architectures and user experiences to be enterprise-ready.

Generative AI
Large Language Models
Reinforcement Learning
Computer Vision
Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning
This image depicted a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist interacting with her Caliper LifeSciences’ Zephyr Molecular Biology Workstation, working with samples to be tested using a real-time PCR machine, known as a themocycler (see PHIL 22904), in order to identify the various types of poliovirus contained therein. The data from this analysis is stored in a computer, while the software further analyzes the data before being reviewed by a CDC

Developing AI apps for industry use

We develop AI products that enhance organisational capabilities and address specific needs. Our team creates both universal AI solutions, like AI chat copilots that can benefit a wide range of organisations, and bespoke applications tailored to individual government, enterprise & industry requirements.

Medical AI
Defense AI
Copilot AI
Semantic Search
Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning
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Enhancing existing platforms with AI

We transform existing systems by integrating advanced AI technologies. Our experts inject AI into enterprise internal systems & consumer apps, making them more intelligent and efficient. This integration enhances decision-making processes, automates routine tasks, and improves overall operational effectiveness, allowing organisations to fully leverage their data and systems.

Medical EMR
ERP Systems
Warehouse MS
CRM Systems
Internal Enterprise Apps
Consumer Apps
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Helping organisations drive AI adoption

We provide strategic consultancy to drive AI development and transformation within organizations. Our services include offering expert advice on AI strategies, assisting with the development and implementation of AI projects, and providing hands-on support to ensure successful AI adoption. Our consultancy empowers enterprises to harness the full potential of AI and achieve their innovation goals.


Our projects highlight the AI solutions we've created, both on our own and with partners. Each project shows our dedication to advancing AI and delivering valuable applications for industry use.

From research to practical AI integrations, our projects demonstrate our skills and impact. Explore to see how we're shaping the future of AI in different industries.

Pathfinder AI

ST Engineering

Pathfinder AI is an AI solution designed to integrate with an organisation's data, empowering users with advanced search capabilities through the use of sophisticated AI technologies. Utilizing large language models (LLMs) such as GPT and LLaMA, along with natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and semantic analysis, Pathfinder AI enhances information retrieval and analysis. These capabilities transform how organisations handle and interpret vast amounts of data, making Pathfinder AI an indispensable tool for decision-making and security.

Document parsing

Rapidly scans and understands vast amounts of textual data to extract relevant intelligence.

Semantic connections

Draws connections between seemingly unrelated pieces of information, potentially unveiling hidden patterns or threats.

Real-time translations

Provides instant translation during multinational operations or investigation, breaking down language barriers.

Voice print analysis

Uses NLP to verify and identify individuals based on voice patterns, ensuring secure and authenticated communications.

Automated summaries

Generates concise summaries oflengthy intelligence reports, aiding quick decision-making.

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Medical AI

ZiCare Indonesia

Our Medical AI app is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, addressing key challenges in the medical community. By leveraging advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and image recognition, this AI companion app transforms the way healthcare providers manage patient data. These vastly improves efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance the quality of patient care.


Transforms doctor's spoken or written notes into structured electronic medical records, capturing detailed patient data efficiently.

Context-aware entries

Understands medical terminology and context, ensuring accurate and relevant record-keeping.

Continous learning

Adapts and refines its documentation capabilities based on feedback, improving record accuracy and increasing doctor’s productivity.

Image recognition

Identifies patterns and abnormalities in medical images like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Semantic search algorithm

Scours vast medical databases and literature, drawing connections between symptoms, diseases, and treatments.

Predictive analytics

Offers potential diagnoses based on patterns in patient data and historical cases.

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Defense AI

Defence Science Organisation
Ministry of Defence Singapore

Our Defence AI app is designed to enhance real-time monitoring and analysis of flight audio recordings and satellite imagery. Utilising advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and computer vision, this app can detect call signs and key phrases across hundreds of channels and thousands of audio data streams. Additionally, the app allows users to scan satellite imagery for threat detection, providing a comprehensive surveillance solution for military operations.

Real-Time Audio Analysis

Parses and analyses flight audio recordings in real-time, detecting call signs and words of interest across multiple channels.

Translation and Transcription

Translates and transcribes communications instantly, breaking down language barriers and ensuring clear understanding.

Semantic Search

Employs semantic search algorithms to find and highlight relevant information quickly within vast audio datasets

Satellite Imagery Scanning

Uses computer vision to analyse satellite images, identifying potential threats and anomalies.

Automated Alerts

Generates real-time alerts based on detected threats or key phrases, enabling swift responses to potential issues.

Historical Alerts

Compares current audio and imagery data with historical records to identify patterns and trends, aiding in strategic planning.

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